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Huna Kane Massage

Huna Kane is a form of healing grounded in ancient Hawaiian Huna wisdom. Huna Kane incorporates massage as the therapist speaks to the body so that the body-mind connection can assist the body to recover from pain, trauma, illness, etc. It is like getting a massage and counselling session at the same time.

Psychosomatic Therapy

The Magic of Body, Mind & Spirit: Face Reading Parties, Lifestyle Consultations, Face/ Hands/ Body Analysis (with written report), in addition to Teaching classes: Level I: The Art of Reading Faces, Body-Mind Analysis, The Language of the Hands, Level II: Emotional Anatomy, and Certificate III practitioner


Hypnotherapy guides the individual into a deep connection with their inner self. (Unconscious & Higher Conscious Minds), assisting you to release blocked emotions & limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy uses light to medium states of trance.

Primary Contact
Monique L. Dorge BHEc, BEd
MML Consulting
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February 22nd, 2016
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